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Jeff and Susan

People often ask us who we are and how Keepers of the Faith came to be. The answer is quite simple. Forty-eight years ago we, Jeff and Susan, were married. Within six years we had come to the Lord for salvation, and had three lively children. We knew that we strongly desired for them to walk in the ways of the Lord, be well educated, and be well prepared for life. We began to look for ways to help them succeed in these areas.

We also cared very much about building and maintaining a close family that would last for a lifetime. Was it possible that families—that generations—could remain good friends, live in harmony, and all follow and obey the Saviour? We certainly hoped so! We were going to try!

We began planning and scheduling ways to develop the spiritual, the academic, and the practical skills in their lives. We made what we could family-centered, attempting to make all Christ-centered. It spread to other children, then became a church program, and then began to spread to other churches. It spread through the homeschooling movement. It is now in all fifty states and many foreign countries. Tens of thousands have found the clubs to be an invaluable asset in training and rearing children for Christ and in preparing them for life as well. And, remember, a single family can be a club.

And, now here we are. Our three children are all married, lived nearby us for almost twenty-five years, and are following in the ways of the Lord. They have blessed us with sixteen grandchildren! Yes, it can be done! It is true! You can rear your children for the Lord, you can give them a quality education, and you can prepare them for life. The Keepers Programs are built on a lifetime of experience and time-proven principles. We encourage all of you to let Keepers help in building your young people and your families for Christ and for life, and you can be good friends too! You won’t be sorry!

And an update to this is that we are now in our late sixties, and Keepers has closed its doors.  Due the number of requests to keep going, we decided to make pdfs of the club materials and provide access to them through this small site.  We pray that one more generation will be blessed.

Jeff and Susan Zakula

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