Can Different Ages Meet Together?

Yes, children of all ages can meet together. The lesson time can be shared by the entire group. Projects, such as decoupage, many nature badges, and a host of others, allow all ages to participate in completing the requirements. However, if quilting is to be taught to the girls or electrical wiring to the boys, obviously, the little ones would need to be busy working on simpler projects. In that case, the group would only be divided for learning the skill.

If you wish to teach the same, more difficult skill to all ages, you can scale down the badge requirements for the little ones, and allow them to earn a silver-backed badge as a junior achievement award, while awarding the standard goldbacked badge to the older children for completing the full set of requirements. At a later date, when the younger children become old enough, they will have already partially achieved the skill and can easily finish the remaining requirements.