Copyrights and Trademarks

We want to share a word about copyrights and trademarks, so you will know what you may do in regards to copying the materials. It was and continues to be our intention to allow our Keepers of the Faith groups and families to use our materials freely. However, without our taking legal steps to copyright and trademark our materials, we might not preserve the individuality of the program. Following is a brief synopsis of copyright explanation and what families and clubs may do.

You may:

  • use and adapt the program to the particular needs of your family or group.
  • alter the requirements for earning certain badges to fit special needs particular to your family or group.
  • reproduce forms for individual club use.
  • reproduce the art work contained in the handbooks, including the Contenders for the Faith logo and the Keepers at Home girl, for newsletters, stationery, etc. to be circulated or used within your particular club (as in newsletters, banquet decorations, etc.) for nonprofit purposes.

You may not:

  • use the Contenders for the Faith logo or Keepers at Home girl as logos for a program other than a Keepers of the Faith program. You may give your local club a title or name, but these logos are to be used only for a club using a Keepers of the Faith program.
  • reproduce or modify logos, emblems, badges, or other program specific items for distribution or resale.
  • reproduce handbooks, The Director's Manual, or other printed materials by any written, mechanical, or electronic means without specific, written permission from Keepers of the Faith.