Do We Need Uniforms?

Uniforms are not necessary. The decision to have the children wear any group specific clothing is left up to the discretion of the family or group. Uniforms can be helpful, but are not the most important thing on a ladder of priorities -- the children are. Uniforms can also be costly due to how fast children grow. Following are some suggestions to have a uniformity of appearance if so desired.

Sashes--Rather than an expensive uniform on which badges can be worn, why not use a banner or sash? Banners can be purchased inexpensively from Keepers of the Faith or can be made from the pattern found in the Director's Corner. Banners are available in royal blue for Contenders and in maroon for Keepers. These sturdy banners made from trigger provide a place for the children to display the badges that they have earned. The banners are worn draped over one shoulder and fastened at the waist on the opposite side. They are not sewn at the bottom but rather are joined with a large gold safety pin, thus allowing for growth. The banners are normally worn from left to right.

Tee Shirts--Tee shirts for boys are available in royal blue with the Contenders' logo detailed in white. Tee shirts for girls are available in pink with the Keepers' logo and the words Keepers at Home detailed in burgundy.

Club Uniforms