Lessons for Leaders

Lessons are an important part of club meeting time.  Some clubs like to use their own sources for lessons, but many of you have indicated a wish for readily available lesson material.  So, we have decided to begin offering lessons.  We hope you will enjoy the convenience.  Please let us hear any suggestions that you may have.  More lessons will be forthcoming.  We hope to do a considerable number.

Lesson Location

The lessons are available at the links below.  They are in PDF format and can be viewed or printed with Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader.  They can be freely used as lessons for your Keepers or Contenders club times or for any other lesson situations.

Lesson Copyrights

These lessons are solely the property of Keepers of the Faith Company.  They may not be copied in whole or in part for any manner of redistribution per written or electronic media.  They may not be posted on other websites.

Lesson Titles