Orienteering is a discipline that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point.  For orienteering, a person uses a map, usually a topographical map or an orienteering map, which they use along with a compass to find their way in an area, often a wilderness area, which is usually completely unfamiliar to them.  Orienteering originally began as an exercise in the military to train personnel to navigate in unfamiliar territory, but it since has developed into a number of variations and even competitions. Among these, probably the oldest and the most popular is foot orienteering.

Orienteering is no longer just a skill.  It is also a sport that employs the skill in a competition in which contestants race against a clock.  Foot orienteering is the most popular form of the sport, but any sport that involves racing against a clock and requires navigation using a compass and a map is a type of orienteering.

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