Personal Journal

“Thus speaketh the LORD God of Israel, saying, Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book,” —Jeremiah 30:2.  Dozens of times in the Bible God instructs people to write things in a book.  Of course, God was writing His infallible Word through the pens of men. However, it is still a very good practice to keep a record or a journal of what God is teaching us through His Word, and how we can apply it to our everyday lives.

Daily activities, sorrows, joys, victories, and defeats can all be recorded in this journal.  It is important to take time to think about each day, and what went wrong with it, and what went right with it.  We can write down new truths learned from God’s Word and record how God helped us through special problems or answered prayers.  The Word of God says, “. . . we spend our years as a tale that is told,” —Psalm 90:9.  Write that tale down!

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