Skis have probably existed for as long as man has had to move around on snow, and indeed, ancient rock paintings have been found depicting men upon skis. Throughout the Middle Ages, skis were in regular use by Scandinavians and other people populating alpine terrain.

Modern skiing is usually broken down into two areas, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. Downhill skiing is an exciting sport that enjoys a large following all across the world. Anyone living in a colder climate should not find it too difficult to find ski hills to begin learning! Cross-country skiing is an excellent source of exercise, in fact, one of the best. It can be done by all ages and does not take long to learn.

Things to Learn

  1. List five safety rules of skiing.
  2. Identify and explain proper clothing for skiing.
  3. Identify, define, and explain the purpose of the basic equipment components.
  4. Be able to put your ski boots and skis on without help.
  5. Be able to ski down two different hills without falling.
  6. Be able to identify the different types of slopes.
  7. Demonstrate how to get on and off the chair lift.
  8. Demonstrate right turns and left turns without falling.
  9. Be able to identify at least four different surface conditions.
  10. Be able to demonstrate two ways to get up after falling.
  11. Be able to identify and demonstrate three ways to stop.
  12. Demonstrate proper use of your ski poles.

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