What Are The Achievement Awards?

The achievement awards are non-competitive awards. They are designed for a young person to learn a skill, and employ that skill to complete a project, or continue a certain practice to form a habit (such as the Others award). The main goal is not the badge, but acquiring the skill or habit. Each member can acquire the skill and earn the badge. The badge is a reward or visible sign of accomplishment. Children should be taught that to strive to earn more badges than someone else is sin, and not the purpose of the program. The Bible admonishes us in II Corinthians 10:12 not to compare one to another. Young people should be taught to learn for the sake of learning.

Badges and Replica Disks--The achievement badges are usually awarded to the children as they earn them. The badges are one inch pins available in gold with a clutch back, so as to be able to be pinned on a banner. The frontal designs typify the skill learned and are in full color. The entire set of badges is also available with silver clutch backs as partial milestones or junior achievement badges for the younger children. This way the group can scale down the requirements for particular skills in order to make it possible for younger children to earn a partial achievement badge. However, some clubs use silver as their preference for everyone. The complete set is also available as replica disks which can be attached to a bracelet or a sash. Even some Contender groups prefer discs because they can be attached to a variety of things. The replica disks are available in gold or silver.

Badge Back Image Badge Image Disk Back Image Disk Image