Character Books


Respectfulness is such an important character trait. Everyone needs to be respectful of God, of His Word, of others, and of His creation. Having respect is almost a foundational precept to learning anything.

This is a downloadable pdf - 68 pages - $2.95


Charity is foundational in understanding God's love for us, and it is foundational to learning to love others as we love ourselves. This little book will challenge our children to begin to love others as Christ would have us to do.

This is a downloadable pdf - 68 pages - $2.95


The Bible has much to say about cheerfulness and bringing cheer to others. Our children can develop the habit of complaining and pouting or being cheerful from the inside out, and making cheerfulness one of the godly habits of their lives. This is a great family habit too.  Why not work on it as a family?

Downloadable PDF - 70 pages $2.95


Our heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus are the essence of compassion. As Jesus walked this earth, He was the perfect example. And Jesus gives us plenty of opportunities to have compassion on the poor and needy. When we do, we are doing it as unto Him, and when we don't, well, we are not doing it as unto Him, which is really just saying that if He were standing there in need, we would do nothing for Him. We shall give an account one day.

This little booklet is a wonderful help in teaching our children to begin now to develop the most excellent trait of compassion.

This is a downloadable pdf - 68 pages  $2.95


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