Contenders for the Faith begins with Little Contenders and proceeds to Contenders for the Faith for Young Men.  These handbooks will take your sons from just four years old to sixteen years or even beyond.  They cover nearly everything your sons will need to learn to become godly young men, strong, fully capable of being and doing all God would have them to do.  Our job, as parents, is to teach and train, and we pray that these materials will do just that.

We do encourage you to purchase the Essential Guide as that will be your guide through the next years.

The Little Contenders handbook makes a great start for your younger sons to begin developing their biblical boyhood skills. The book has a very simple design so that your boys, ages four to six, can begin to be Contenders! This Christian handbook includes sections on Godly Boyhood, Basic Skills, and Nature. Boys will learn to begin, work on, and finish projects. It is perfect for them!

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The Contenders for the Faith handbook is designed for young men, ages seven through sixteen, to equip them to become godly men and competent providers for their future families. The handbook is unquestionably an excellent skill-builder. The boys will learn how to handle finances, do home maintenance, and develop skills in leadership. Plus, extensive Bible reading, memory work, and Bible study are included to aid them in developing good habits in their own walk with God. Whether your son is a member of a club or uses it as part of his home education, it is an absolute Christian character-builder! Every young man should have one!

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Contenders Companion Notebook is designed to make it easier for the parents and children to complete the requirements in the Contenders for the Faith handbook in an organized fashion. It parallels the handbook, and every requirement in the handbook that specifies notebook work is reproduced in the notebook with plenty of room given to answer or finish the requirement. It does not, however, reproduce the requirements for all skills in the handbook, only for those requiring outside notebook work. The pages are reproducible if desired.

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Essential Guide for Leaders and Parents

If you desire to make maximum use of the handbooks and help your children achieve their highest potential, you will find this Guide essential. The Guide contains pertinent information on each and every skill in the handbooks, how to teach the skill, ideas for accomplishing the skill, plus a reservoir of creative tips to help you teach and mentor your own children. Each parent and every leader, whether a club is small or large, will find the Guide helpful. There are ideas for lessons, character training, choosing reading material, and more included. Is your club growing? Learn how to organize and operate a very large club. There are reproducible forms for all club needs included. This Guide covers it all! Don’t be without it!

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