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Such a blessing to me personally that ladies are still writing to me and asking for some of my books to be brought back into circulation for their daughters, the next generation, and their friends. One of the most requested is my little book about marriage. Long ago, it started out as a series of articles and eventually turned into a collection of them. After almost fifty years of marriage, I would say that one needs to be very serious about marriage! And so, that is the first book ready as a pdf. Enjoy!


Are You Serious About Marriage?

How is your marriage doing? Do you have a close, loving relationship with your husband? Do you feel that you are β€œone,” as you set out to be years ago? Or are things beginning to unravel as the stresses of life mount? Are you disappointed in your husband? Are you disappointed in life? Are you disappointed in your marriage? Are you struggling? Perhaps this little book, Are You Serious About Marriage?, will shed some light on the perplexing issues women face.

It is not written from a know-it-all attitude but from the heart of a woman that knew nothing, and had to learn along the way. It is not a β€œ20 Steps to a Great Marriage,” but the sharing of a journey to become a wife as God has intended a woman to be.

We have had a tremendous number of requests from our former In Keeping With the Faith subscribers to put this series of marriage articles into a book. We have, and they now continue to bless and help wives to be godly, loving helpmeets to their husbands. People have requested them for future reference, for their children, for newly married women, for women who are struggling in their marriages, for Bible studies, and for those young women preparing for marriage. We have received countless testimonies of changed lives, and changed marriages, as a result of these articles. If you are ready for a change and want to really get serious about your marriage, give this a read.

Are You Serious About Marriage? PDF version (196 pages) $4.95


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